Camino de Santiago Sampler: Walk, Discover, Enjoy The Way

marly june 12 camino plus tour

For centuries pilgrims have walked the “Way of St. James,” the Camino de Santiago, on their own personal journeys across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela.  Follow in their footsteps on the ancient pilgrimage routes, as we walk through medieval towns and pastoral landscapes on our 8 days/7 nights Camino de Santiago Sampler Tour, June 26 – July 3, 2013.

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You’ll be stepping back in time as you pass Romanesque churches in small villages, monasteries and the hospitals built by the early followers of St. James. You’ll also experience Spain today in Galicia, the Celtic region of Spain, known as “Green Spain” or “Irish Spain “

Study Spanish as You Travel

 Picture 412

          Each day participants will be able to advance their Spanish language skills while immersed in the culture, food, music and life in northern Spain.  Tour leaders Alessandra Mucci-Ramos and Judith Northup-Bennett will facilitate Spanish conversation during the trip, and will offer multi-level Spanish classes after the daily hiking.

Earn the Compostela Certificate if You Chose

 apr11spain 393

          Pilgrims will set their personal goals for the daily hikes and the trip.  The tour will cover the last 100 kilometers of the Camino Frances so that pilgrims who chose to can earn the Compostela Certificate that recognizes a pilgrim of St. James.

Van and Guide Support Each Day

 apr11spain 358

          This small group, relaxed pace tour lets you set your own pace for the daily hikes and the trip.  Traveling with only a small back pack, you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery hiking over rolling hills and rustic paths. The van will be on-call during the morning hike and in the afternoon if members of the group want to organize additional trips to historic/ cultural sites. You’ll hike in the mornings if you chose, and have the afternoons free to relax, take part in Spanish language lessons, explore the small cities and towns we’ll be staying in, and plan additional side trips to places of interest.

Experience History Merged with Spanish Life Today

 Picture 373

          We’ll start our trip in Madrid and stop to marvel at the intricate stained glass windows (second only to Chartres cathedral) in the Gothic Cathedral of Leon. On our first day, a local guide will introduce us to the Camino de Santiago as we stop in small villages, and important sites on the way to the Roman-walled city of Lugo.  Our 3 night stays in Lugo, a charming small city, and, 3 more in Arzua, at a country manor house, will give us time to feel at home and experience life in Spain today.   Guided tours of Leon, Lugo and Santiago will highlight the fascinating history and culture of these city centers.

Pilgrims Come for Many Reasons

Picture 343 apr11spain 330


          Whether you’re drawn to the Camino de Santiago for religious, spiritual, or personal reasons to explore the age-old meaning of “The Way;” or to step into the rich tapestry of history and culture along “The Way;” or to actively immerse yourself in the culture and language of northern Spain today; you’ll feel a part of the centuries-old pilgrimage tradition as you enter Santiago de Compostela after your week on the Way of St. James.


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