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The Camino de Santiago Samper Tour is the fourth time Judith Northup-Bennett and Alessandra Mucci-Ramos have teamed up to lead a trip to Spain.  For three years, they organized and led the Amherst Regional High School Spanish Exchange to Zaragoza and Cordoba, Spain.

“We saw how much the young people learned on these exchange trips – Spanish language, history, culture – and we’re looking forward to bringing this experience to adults,” said Northup-Bennett.

The two have been co-teaching a Santiago Sampler Spanish language class for adults this year.  The multi-level, communicative course is based on the Camino de Santiago and offers many activities and interactions with students working at their own Spanish proficiency level. (For more information on the course see the Amherst Leisure Services web site: )

“We’ve had a lot of fun introducing people to the Camino and its incredible history, architecture, food and life in Galicia.  We’re looking forward to continue teaching and learning in Spain,” said Mucci-Ramos.

A Spanish teacher for 20 years, Northup-Bennett has studied and traveled extensively in Spain.  “I’ve walked the Camino three times in short stages and I fell in love with the Galician landscape and the living history surrounding you on the Camino. I’m looking forward to the challenge of walking the Camino to achieve the Pilgrim’s certificate, the Compostelana.”

Northup-Bennett also leads heritage tours to Slovakia, which you can see on her web site:  .

Mucci-Ramos is from Italy, and lived in Ecuador, her husband’s native country, and Venezuela for more than 15 years.  A school counselor at Amherst Regional High School, she is a mother of triplets.

Her passion about cultural competences, multiple intelligences, and the connection between peace and mind have driven her toward a variety of personal and geographic journeys. “This summer, the Camino de Santiago represents a new destination in my world of experience. An exciting journey that motivates my curiosity on three levels: sporting, cultural and spiritual”.  After our daily walks, Mucci-Ramos intends to invite participants to engage in breathing exercises to reflect on personal meanings.


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